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We’re proud to announce that NATURAL AUTO GAS has been a pioneer in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) installation for over a decade. Unlike many other companies, NATURAL AUTO GAS is committed to using clean energy and advanced technology in providing CNG and LPG kits. We satisfy the needs of an increasingly demanding market.

Lovato AutoGas founded in 2002, is known for its high-quality products that meet all safety standards and are constantly improved in functionality and design to meet the needs of its customers. Lovato CNG Kit and Lovato LPG Kit installation is performed by experts under strict supervision to ensure proper fitment and dependable safety.

LPG Conversion Kit | CNG Conversion Kit:

Lovato CNG and LPG Kits are designed to meet strict automotive industry standards, meeting the needs of an increasingly demanding market. The in-house design and development team is dedicated to constantly upgrading the manufacturing facilities by utilizing advanced technology and clean energy sources, allowing for the creation and development of modern fuel conversion systems.

The patent office has registered the company’s designs and products, and the Registrar of Trade Marks has registered the company’s trademark. The company has over 300 national and international approvals for all types of vehicles dating back to 2005 and up to BS-IV OBD2 standards.

Tests are carried out to ensure that the kit and the vehicle are compatible. The installation is carried out in accordance with strict safety and quality standards.

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