Arrested after 43 days on the run for shooting the mistress of her boyfriend

Body of Anna Moriah Wilson (right in the picture), 25, was found on May 11 in a pool of blood in her home in Austin, Texas. The victim was shot dead.

Kaitlin Marie Armstrong (right), her 34-year-old rival, disappeared shortly after the murder, after deleting all of her social accounts.

She had fled the scene of the crime before changing her appearance and heading for New York and then Costa Rica with a false passport.

The 43-day manhunt ended on Wednesday when Kaitlin Armstrong was arrested at a hotel in Costa Rica’s capital San José.

She has since been extradited to the United States.

The suspect lived with her partner Colin Strickland. On the day of the murder, Colin tricked his girlfriend into thinking he was going to the cemetery to lay flowers, when he had an appointment with his mistress to swim in the sea.

They then had dinner together and then Colin dropped off Anna outside her home at 8:35 p.m. A minute later, CCTV caught Kaitlin’s vehicle parked near her house.

Everything suggests that she had followed the two lovers by car, before breaking into her rival’s house to kill her. She was charged and imprisoned for murder.


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