Mother abandons her three children on the island in the cemetery to leave with her boyfriend

On June 13, Courtney Taylor went camping with her boyfriend and her three children on Cemetery Island located in the middle of Lake Hartwell, near Atlanta, South Carolina.

The mother and her boyfriend Eric Elrod announced to the three children aged 12 to 15 that they were going to fetch water.

Except that they never returned to camp. In reality the couple voluntarily abandoned the children to go on vacation together.

It was a boater passing by the area by boat the next day who spotted the children and raised the alarm.

The three victims were taken care of by social services while a call for witnesses was launched to find the couple.

Courtney Taylor was arrested and charged with child neglect. She was released after posting $15,000 bail.

The boyfriend is still wanted for distributing methamphetamine.

Nicknamed “Ghost Island”, Cemetery Island featured a gigantic graveyard housing thousands of bodies.

When the dam was created, part of the island was submerged. The authorities then dug up more than 3,800 bodies to bury them in another cemetery.

The graves of 59 people still stand on the island, people whose slave-holding ancestors owned a plantation there, the Harrisburg Plantation, owned by the Harris family.


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