Tshisekedi made a big mistake to partner with Kagame on DRC crisis

When he came to power, Congolese President Felix Tshisekedi befriended Rwandan President Paul Kagame, whom all Congolese detest, not only following the various incursions of the Rwandan army on Congolese soil, but also following the multiple support of Rwanda to the Tsutsis rebel groups. For more than twenty years, the Congolese have not had peace in the eastern part of their country and Rwanda was enemy number one. I think a president must follows the opinion of his people. Which is not the case with Félix Tshisekedi who still has to learn a lot of about diplomacy. Countries have no friends. They only have interests. Because he had access to the privileges of power, Felix thought he was lying to his people who know Kagame better than he does. After a period of respite which allowed the Rwandan president to establish his economic domination over business in the DRC, notably with the flights of his airline Rwandair from the city of Goma as its hub and the refinement of Congolese gold in Rwanda. The Congolese felt betrayed by this immature president who did not suspect the malice of his new friend who was only waiting for the right time to get his claws out and eat him. And the opportunity presented itself when Tshisekedi began to flirt with Burundi, Rwanda’s sworn enemy. And now Rwanda resuscitated its favourite rebel group M23 to get back into war business in the DRC. Woe to Rwanda because two of its soldiers were captured during the fight and the hypocrisy was revealed to the eyes of the world. This allowed Tshisekedi to pretend to understand everything he was forbidden to do, especially cooperate with Rwanda which only understands the language of arms and always acts by trickery. Now many experts of Central Africa Crisis now agree that Félix Tshisekedi wasted time believing that he could make Kagame a reliable partner. He needs more to recover the confidence of the Congolese people tired with the problem of rebellions from neighboring Rwanda.


Author: RMA

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