InDriver needs to think of “its drivers”

I am a driver and I would like to start advising other brothers who are doing the same job as me. Me for example I use In Driver in my work and I’ve noticed that things are starting to become very complicated to make money. Here in South Africa the price of fuel keep on increasing but the app on its side has still not followed and this is impacting our income. Passengers continue to offer the same prices and nothing changes. This job is getting more and more complicated. Especially since InDriver continues to recruit more drivers into its network. We as drivers we feel increasingly neglected. It’s like if the app is only interested in passengers because of the money they pay for them to make profit and not in our vehicles and long hours spent away from our beloved. We have to bear the maintenance costs and in the event of an accident you are just out of business. Another problem we are facing is the increasing number of customers canceling the request at the last minute just after you have been driving for more than five minutes for pickup. For passengers no penalty at all. We pay all the prices and that is not fair. We want at least a common ground. Now i am sincerely thinking of quitting with that app but as a foreigner I don’t have so much opportunity to find another thing to do.


Author: Anonymous

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