Why Rwandan president Paul Kagame Accepted to receive asylum seekers from UK on his soil?

Can anyone explain to me why Paul Kagame the Rwandan president made a deal with the Britain to receive asylum seekers on his soil? I wonder if this western country will also deport some white people like Ukrainians or only our fellow Africans. I know that the first convoy will arrive on the 14th of June. What I don’t also understand is the fact that Rwanda is a very small country with limited space and resources to host people from other countries. And they share border with the Democratic Republic of Congo where there is recurring conflicts involving rebel groups coming from Rwanda. I don’t know how the DRC government is considering this situation. Because if we don’t pay more attention, this situation might brings more trouble to Rwanda’s neighboring countries like DRC, Burundi or Uganda. Is Kagame doing this only for money purposes or for geopolitical strategy? thanking you for your contribution

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Author: Patrick

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